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Recovery Coaching

Eliminating a substance from someone's life is often like experiencing a death or a significant loss. There is an associated grieving process requiring change in engrained unhealthy patterns and replacing with them healthy ones. Heather’s approach teaches people with substance use disorder the healthy practices required for sustained lasting recovery.


She leverages a sophisticated set of interpersonal skills, experiences and qualities to drive successful sobriety outcomes, including:

  • Establishing a partnership based on trust.  One of the strongest predictors of a good outcome is the feeling of a partnership with your recovery coach. Heather builds trust and is very astute at sensing what other people are thinking and feeling. In relating to her clients, she shows warmth, acceptance and empathy. 

  • Adapting as circumstances change. Clients want to know why they're experiencing their symptoms, even if this isn't the first time they've reached out for help. Heather is effective at providing explanations of patterns that clients can understand and are willing to shift according to the way in which recovery unfolds.

  • Inspiring hope and optimism.  Hope is a terrific motivator. Feeling that something is going to work is a large part of the equation in successful recovery. Heather knows how to strike the balance between realism, hope, and improvement.

Her Approach

Sinclair Recovery focuses on these principles:

Navigate the present and set goals for the future.

Follow proven plans of 30- and 90-day programs with virtual or in person one-on-one meetings & phone calls.


Reinforce accountability through breathalyzer and/or toxicology screenings.

Strengthen other programs with which you may be involved.

Learn how to stay sober in the actual environments of family and relationships, where you live and work.

Areas of Expertise




Family Break Up, Custody & Parenting



Legal Consequences

How it Works

Learn more about the recovery process and the necessary steps for success. 

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