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How it Works

Sinclair Recovery is committed to developing a consistent and acceptable recovery plan. The first step is to conduct an assessment of areas of need and how Heather can help. Following that assessment, a recovery plan is designed and shared with you. The recovery plan adapts to the particular client's characteristics. It does not follow a "one size fits all" approach. 

Sinclair Recovery is a private-pay service and does not accept insurance. Many clients appreciate the confidentiality that private-pay ensures and the ability to work with her directly without worrying about decisions made by third-party insurers.


Total out-of-pocket cost depends on the level of service provided, and we offer a number of different levels of service that can be customized to the needs of each individual.


Consult Call

Speak with Heather and learn about how Sinclair Recovery can help.


Build A Custom Program

Develop a customized recovery program that can help a client reach his or her goals to sustain lasting sobriety.


Begin Recovery Plan

Recovery coaching can be an in-person visit in CT or virtual, so a client can start the road to recovery today anytime, anywhere.

The Sinclair Recovery Difference

  • One-on-one recovery coaching on a per month basis

  • Heather’s unique and extensive experience in the field of substance use disorders that activates a willingness and trust

  • Addresses the underlying patterns that can trigger substance use

  • Strategies for relapse prevention

  • Integration into your own team of doctors, therapists, treatment centers and family

  • Use of toxicology screenings, SoberLink or other technology tools that indicate abstinence of substance use to increase engagement and accountability

Many clients tell us that working with Heather is one of the best

experiences of their life, we are confident you will feel the same!

Take the first step today.

All inquiries are 100% confidential.

We're passionate about providing the best client service and supporting our clients in any way

they want to interact with us including via phone, text and email.


Confidential Cell: 860-876-7056  (Call or Text)


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