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Areas of Expertise

Recovery Coaching



If substance use disorder (SUD) is affecting a marriage, it can be difficult to figure out what to do. Many struggling people feel that SUD in a marriage is like a three-legged stool. There’s me, my spouse and the unhealthy relationship with alcohol or drugs. The stool often topples over because life is full of chaos and instability. 


Substance use disorder is a problem that can destroy a marriage and drive a wedge between family members. Heather has experienced a divorce and knows how to address the painful journey as part of the recovery approach, helping people pull themselves up through the wreckage of their lives and into joyous new beginnings.


Family Breakup

Custody & Parenting

Addiction is like a tidal wave. It can overcome and harm everyone involved, including families and children. Some families survive the devastation and heal while others just don’t make it. Heather shares openly about how her family unit ultimately broke apart. She sympathizes with the stress of custody issues and becoming a divorced single parent as well as a part time mother due to rigid custody agreements.


Heather provides recovery coaching to people who are dealing with the breakup of a relationship, marriage and/or a family. Specifically, she comprehends the challenges of dealing with litigation associated with a divorce and custody of children. She supports the clients by developing a recovery plan that helps them stay sober during this traumatic time that is surrounded by difficult change.



Facing Legal

When people enter into the criminal justice system due to a crime that was committed while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, this highly stressful situation becomes overwhelming and unpredictable. People who are already struggling with a substance use disorder are often overwhelmed with even more shame and may be facing potential jail time.


Heather’s recovery coaching guides and supports people arrested while under the influence of mind altering substances. People arrested for a DUI may be eventually sentenced to time in prison. If convicted, she provides coaching support as they transition both in and out of incarceration. The goal is to assist clients through the stages of the legal process by developing a recovery plan that helps connect them to a pathway of healing and finding hope during this difficult time.    

How it Works

Learn more about the recovery process and the necessary steps for success. 

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