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Your Partner in Sobriety

Sinclair Recovery Provides
Recovery Support & Coaching

Sinclair Recovery is committed to walking side by side with individuals seeking recovery from substance use disorders (SUD). The aftermath of devastating consequences from SUD may create significant challenges to remaining sober in everyday life. These consequences may elicit a shame that is difficult to overcome, often luring people back to unhealthy patterns of behavior using alcohol or drugs to cope with stress, depression & anxiety.

Our coaching support and individualized recovery plans help people succeed in sobriety. They learn healthy coping skills to deal with traumatic life events and gain tools to prevent relapse. The comfort and trust of recovery coaching offers hope that there is a light at the end of a dark tunnel if we are willing to embrace a better way of life in recovery.

Sinclair Recovery Coaching focuses on these principles:

Navigate the present and set goals for the future.

Follow proven plans with 30- and 90-day programs with virtual or in person one-on-one meetings & phone calls.


Reinforce accountability through breathalyzer and/or toxicology screenings.

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Strengthen other programs with which you may be involved.

Learn how to stay sober in the actual environments of family and relationships, where you live and work.



Heather Sinclair

Heather Sinclair is a highly experienced substance use disorder recovery coach and advocate. As a person in long-term recovery, she has over 10 years’ experience with various inpatient treatment options, pathways of recovery and 12 step programs. Heather works with extremely resistant clients suffering from substance use disorders. She has been a guiding force for struggling people integrating them back into areas of their lives where their behavior has left a destructive trail, including family, work, and personal relationships. 

What Clients Say

"Heather helped me stay sober through a very difficult divorce. I felt inspired because I saw that she stayed sober through some hard times and how it changed her life. My life has gotten so much better since I stopped drinking and I learned I can still have fun! I’d highly recommend her to anyone looking for help."


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